Plant Species Spotlight – Honeysuckle

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Honeysuckle – The Double-Duty Invasive Providing Year-round Food and Cover for Deer

Depending on who you ask, honeysuckle is either of the devil, or God’s gift to the deer hunter.


For starters, honeysuckle is an invasive vine introduced from the orient 1806. Like a lot of vines and climbing plants, it can quickly choke out native plants and vegetation that may be preferred on the properties you manage.

However, it is a semi-evergreen that deer will pretty much browse year-round. It also provides significant bedding cover as well. If you find honeysuckle growing on your property, you may think twice about mowing it down. In fact, giving it room to grow and climb just might prove to be a move that’ll put more deer on the properties you hunt this season.

What You Need to Know About Honeysuckle

  • Can be used for wildlife management and erosion control.
  • Can grow up to 80’ long.
  • Known to exist, to some degree, in every state.
  • Year-round food source for deer containing 9-16 percent protein.
  • Will benefit from fertilizing, but deer may over-browse and kill the plant when fertilized.
  • Honeysuckle needs sunlight for sufficient growth.
  • It’s an invasive. Check regulations on planting or transplanting honeysuckle in your state.

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