Hunting Summertime Coyotes

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Looking for a fun and exciting hunt to help beat the off-season blues? Hunting summertime coyotes can provide fast-paced action and an adrenaline rush like no other critter on earth. If you can handle the heat, you’ll likely find yourself in the middle of the action on one of the few hunts where the hunter becomes the hunted.

When it comes to coyote hunting, few guys are as passionate about the game as Jon Collins. Collins lives in Kentucky but annually travels the country in search of coyotes willing to come to the call. For Collins, coyote hunting is more than just an off-season critter to hunt. Coyotes and other predators are what drives him. While others are hunting deer and elk, Collins will likely be found chasing coyotes somewhere across the country.

For that reason, I reached out to Collins for some input on his 5 key elements to hunting summertime coyotes. Check out the video and info below for a closer look at his routine. 

Watch the video here…

Top Tips for Hunting Summertime Coyotes

Hunt The Wind – Always have the wind in your favor when hunting coyotes. The summer months are hot, and you are sure to stink. Make sure your setup allows you to go undetected, even when an approaching coyote moves to get downwind of your location.

Locate Coyotes - Coyotes a very vocal during the summer months. Use howls to locate coyotes and move in close and get to calling. You can use a howler, or even a siren to locate coyotes in a prospective area a night or two prior to the hunt while scouting. They are very responsive to such sounds and will often give away their location.

Match Sound Sequences With The Season - Coyotes den their pups through the summer months, so focus on using howls, pup distress, and other pup sounds, including whines and whimpers. Between the maternal instincts of the female and the territorial instincts of the pair, these sounds can elicit an extremely quick response.

Hunt From an Elevated Seat – Visibility is king during the summer months. Grass and Ag fields are higher at this time of year, so hunting from an elevated seat will give you a greater vantage point and visibility for approaching coyotes.

Listen To Your Farmers - There’s a lot of farm work that goes on in the summer and farmers are sure to be seeing coyotes in their fields. Talking to your farmers about where they see coyotes can be a great scouting tool and help narrow down your search on where to start when making your calling setups.


Give coyotes a try this summer for the perfect cure for the off-season blues. Remember the items mentioned above to help tip the odds for success in your favor. It’s an adrenaline-packed hunt like no other that pulls double duty offering both excitement and predator management in one package.

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