About Us

John and Jerry

John’s near fall in 2000 while hunting with his brother Jerry sparked a fire in them to create a hunter-friendly safety system that would take away all the excuses they and most hunters used for not wearing a harness. In 2001, the two brothers, thru months of rejection, trial and error designed the very first HUNTER SAFETY SYSTEM 

Today HUNTER SAFETY SYSTEM is in the market of saving lives by providing hunters the safest, most convenient, user-friendly hunting equipment offered throughout the world.  Our dedication and uncompromised attention to surpassing industry safety standards is our highest priority and the foundation of our company.

From our award-winning harnesses, to our line of accessories, to our life-saving Lifelines, the HSS line of products showcase the value of our brand.  HSS is blessed to have an outstanding staff, and through their dedication and commitment, we all take great pride in saying…

Saving Lives is What We Do!