How to Kill Your Buck in the Month of November

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The best days of the year for the deer hunter are finally here! It’s time to make the most of the opportunities in the weeks ahead. But how will you capitalize on those opportunities?

Here’s a look at how to kill your biggest buck in the month of November. 

Scout and Find the Freshest Sign

Finding deer sign won’t kill big bucks. You need to find the freshest sign. Old rubs, tracks, poop and other sign reveal where the deer were in the weeks past. You’ve got to dig deeper to find the freshest sign, the stuff that tells you where the deer are today.

Also, a lot of hunters get excited when they find acorns on the ground. But are the local deer using that particular feed tree? Watch close and you’ll notice deer walking past certain oaks with acorns on the ground to feed in one particular spot. That’s right! Not all acorns are created equal. Find which ones they are feeding on and make your move. If you can figure out where your local does are feeding, the bucks won’t be far behind.

Monitor Trail Cams

There’s no greater tool for knowing when to make your move than the use of a trail camera. Now is the time to roll through your photos and target the daytime patterns of your target bucks, or any other bucks that have shown up for the rut. They’ll be showing up more in the daylight now than they have over the last month or two. The trail cam will tell you when and where it’s happening.

Take notice of the shift towards morning deer activity during the rut. Mornings can now be the best time of the year to catch a buck on the move. It’s just a matter of time before he steps out in the open at this time of year.

Hunt Travel Routes

Hunting the best travel routes can pay off big at this time of year. Know how and where deer move, and you’ll likely find a buck making the rounds. Funnels, pinch points, and major trails leading from cover to cover can be the trick to finding the best opportunities to punch a tag in the month of November.

Break Out the Calls

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to paint a picture in the mind of a buck by doing some cold calling during November. Sure it may be hard to call a buck away from a doe, but it can be done. Grunts, rattling, and bleats will all work well in the next few weeks. Keep these calls in your pack, and don’t be afraid to use them to pull your your buck out of the thicket. 

Make a Move

Hoping and praying something will happen rarely pays off in notched tags. You can sit the same stand over and over all season, but at some point, you need to come to grips with the fact that, it ain’t happening. It’s time to move. If you’re not having encounters with deer, make a move. Ask the tough questions. Where are they now? Where should I reposition my stand? Can I find a better access point?

At some point, you have to accept the fact that Plan A isn’t working, and it’s time to make your move to Plan B. If you continue to see bucks chasing does beyond your reach, get down and move to within striking distance.

November is a special time! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to kill your biggest buck in the weeks ahead.

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