May Deer Hunting Chores

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With turkey seasons winding down across much of the country, the month of May is a great time to knock out a handful of deer hunting chores. The weather is typically nice, and the scorching hot days of summer have yet to arrive. It’s the perfect time to knock out the tasks that’ll pay off big come fall. This month, we’re checking back in with whitetail guru, Jeff Sturgis, of Whitetail Habitat Solutions. Check out his video below that’ll walk you through the chores for the month of May. 

Test Broadheads

The off-season is a great time to test broadheads. Are you looking to make a change this year? Are you shooting fixed or mechanicals? Is it time for a change? Sturgis believes in finding the perfect blend. Not too heavy, and not too light. Find a broadhead with sufficient cutting diameter, yet delivers ample penetration. Sturgis says he likes a hybrid that allows the best of both worlds. Regardless of what you choose, figure it out early enough that you have time to prepare and stock up on extra broadheads to get you through the season.

No Cutting in May

Hinge cutting and managing your timber is a great strategy for the whitetail hunter. However, Sturgis recommends ceasing your cutting practices on the property in the month of May to due to the growing season and how energy is being transferred in the trees at this time. It’s a good time stay away from your oak trees to avoid damage and hindering future growth. Oaks leaf out last, so you can get your cutting chores done early, take a break during the month of May, then pick back up later in the year.

Build a Waterhole

Build a waterhole this month to help your local deer herd find water with less travel. A heavy duty stock tank works perfect here, when properly buried in the ground to resemble a natural watering location for wildlife. Building a waterhole now allows it to fill prior to the summer drought. It also allows plenty of time for it to settle in, and the vegetation to grow in and give it a natural look. It’ll also allow the deer to get comfortable with it long before the deer season rolls around again.   

Spraying Food Plots

Spraying food plots for management and maintenance is perfectly suited for the month of May. Your plots will be well on their way towards success for the fall season when properly maintained with the chemicals necessary to keep out unwanted plant, grass, and weed growth. This is obviously dependent on what your plots consist of, but when and where applicable, be sure to knock out the spraying chores before things get out of hand.

Public Land Scouting

Do you have some public land ground you want to check out? Now is a great time scout new ground and investigate the terrain you’ve been curious about. Commit to taking a handful of days in the month of May to spend walking these potential properties, making notes in your phone and laying out potential stand locations. Again, the weather is in your favor at this time. Stomping around the woods in the month of May to learn the layout is a far greater strategy than attempting to learn on the fly right before the opener.

Get these May chores knocked out now to get ahead of the game before the smoking hot days of summer arrive. You’ll be glad you did!

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