Must-Have Gear for Long Hours in the Stand

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If you’ve still got a deer tag in your pocket, then now is the time to put the long hours in the treestand as you wait on an encounter with a deer worthy of your tag. December can be a great time to punch a tag as a number of hunters begin to switch gears, start chasing ducks, or begin catching up on chores back home.  And for the deep-south states, the rut is just cranking up in the month of December, making for some of the best days of the season to be in the tree.

Making an all-day sit can be tough. It’s an intimidating endeavor that many hunters plan to accomplish, but seldom do. The all-day sit will test your physical and mental stamina like nothing else.

So how do you make it happen? What is the key to enduring the long hours? The answer is to have the right gear with you in the stand. There are some items that will make or break your time in the treestand. Here’s a look at the must-have gear for long hours in the stand.

Water/Coffee – Having something to sip on throughout the day is definitely a must. The beverage can vary depending on temperatures, but water and coffee will pretty much keep you covered all day.

Snacks – Whether out of boredom, or legitimate hunger, snacks will help you make it through the morning or afternoon.

Sandwich – Snacks are great, but when you’re making an all-day sit, you better have a sandwich for your mid-day lunch. Don’t skimp here. Go big or go home is the mindset when making a sandwich for an all-day sit.

Calls – Don’t forget your calls when sitting for long hours on stand. The rattling antlers, grunt call, and can call can be the perfect way to pull in a cruising buck, or at least break up the monotony of the seemingly endless hours in the tree.

Hand Warmers – Handwarmers, or other warming device, can be a lifesaver when the temperatures begin to drop. They obviously work great for your hands, but can help heat other parts of your body as well if you care to throw them down in your boots, britches, or jacket.

TP/Wet Wipes – At some point during an all-day sit, the coffee will kick in and you’ll find  yourself needing to take care of business. And regardless of whether you drop from the top, or climb down to go elsewhere, you’ll need some TP for cleanup. This is one item that should always be in your pack, regardless of the length of your hunt.

External Battery  – You’ll likely be on your phone more than normal during an  all-day sit. The phone helps pass the time, no doubt. But you will need an external battery source to keep you charged and in the game. Fortunately, external batteries are slim and trim, so you can easily haul all the power you need in most any pack out there.  

Ear Buds – Ear buds may not necessarily be a must-have item, but they will sure help pass the time when you’re making an all-day sit. Sure, you’ll miss out on hearing an approaching deer with your buds in, but as long as your eyes are up and scanning, you can often get away with it. Podcasts and even short videos can be a great way to pass the time. Just be sure you don’t zone out too long from your hunt. You can bet the opportunities will occur when you have your face buried in your phone.

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