ElimiShield HUNT 1-Gallon Spray Refill

  • $44.99

  • Neutralizes existing odors through six chemical processes to reduce them into odorless salts
  • The active ingredient (5150C™ Molecule) controls human body odor before it exists by mechanically killing odor causing bacteria; superior to other methods that attempt to absorb odors after they have already Formed
  • Bonds to all types of fabrics, rubber and other surfaces for long-lasting odor protection
  • Used as directed, a single application can provide odor protection up to 45 days against replicated odors.  Results may vary.
  • Protects materials from souring during storage by eliminating mold, mildew and fungus; will not stain fabrics
  • Use it everywhere odors are part of your activities-shoes, boots, gloves, base layers, hats, harnesses, etc; also great on pet odors, skunk odor, automotive interiors odors
  • Safe to use in conjunction with Ozone technology.  Environmentally safe.

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