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The HSS-9 Big Boy Harness now featuring

The revolutionary approach to controlling human scent before it forms. This Active Scent Control Technology produces a strong molecular chain of atoms that resembles a microscopic “bed of nails.” These charged atoms attract, then physically pierce the cell walls of odor causing bacteria, eliminating odor on treated articles.

  • Soft Fabrics keep you comfortable all season long and are deadly quiet in any temperature
  • ElimiShield® Scent Control Technology kills human odor for the life of the harness
  • 8 pockets featuring hand pockets, two deep well pockets, two accessory pockets and
  • 2 zippered chest pockets
  • Binocular Straps
  • Easy to use, lightweight leg buckles for easy dressing in the field
  • Realtree® X-Tra™ Camouflage
  • Weight 4.4 Pounds

Hunter Safety System Harness
Rope Style Lineman's Climbing Rope (2 Carabiners) $24.99 value
Rope Style Tree Strap (With Carabiner) $19.99 value
2 Suspension Relief/Deer Drag straps
Instructional DVD
Safe-Use Instructions


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